V12 Turbo and DS Master1 at RMAF

HiFi website Part Time Audiophile recently posted their coverage of October’s Rocky Mountain Audio Fest where they stopped by our room not once, but twice during the show. Part Time Audiophile’s Lee Scoggins attributed this to the “very, very good sound” from the room, which was playing an AMG Viella V12 turntable with the new AMG 12JT Turbo tonearm (dubbed the V12 Turbo package) and a DS Audio DS Master1 optical cartridge. Upon his second visit to the room, Scoggins concluded “[the] imaging was very good with a wide and deep soundstage.” 

You can read the entire room report here


The DS Audio DS Master1 optical cartridge mated to the AMG V12 Turbo turntable/tonearm combo. – Image courtesy of parttimeaudiophile.com