T.H.E. Show Newport 2014 show reports


“The Aesthetix Metis line stage preamp debuted for the first time in the U.S. at Newport, and sounded amazing alongside the [Aesthetix] Atlas monoblocks, Wilson Audio Alexias, Clearaudio Master Innovation turntable and Goldfinger [Statement] cartridge, and the Aesthetix Io Eclipse phono stage. This system really shined when we played my Bueno Vista Social Club: Live at Carnegie Hall, with apresence and encompassing soundstage that could not be ignored. The cool thing about the Metis preamp is that when the unit is placed on a flat surface, the power supply decouples from the main chassis and floats within ‘invisibly’ within the housing. No need to have a completely separate power supply with the Metis.”

— Spencer Holbert, The Absolute Sound

“… [Graham] had on display his latest tonearm, the [Phantom] Elite, with an improved pivot assembly, upgraded removable arm tube, and new alignment gauge. As in past Graham arms, 9-, 10-, and 12-inch lengths are offered.”

— Paul Seydor, The Absolute Sound

“Musical Surroundings’ new phono preamplifier for its prestigious AMG line was designed by Mike Yee, auteur of the highly regarded Phenomena phono stages. Priced at $5000, the AMG Phono Preamplifier is a true dual-mono circuit with both single-ended and balanced inputs and outputs. Like other Yee phono preamplifiers, the AMG is fully battery operated (custom NiMH batteries in a separate chassis) and includes gain and resistive and capacitance loading. Multiple equalization curves for RIAA, Decca, and Columbia are switch selectable, as is mono operation, absolute phase, mute, and battery charging.”

— Paul Seydor, The Absolute Sound


“Courtesy of Audio Element… it included the US premiere of Aesthetix’s Metis linestage preamplifier and Romulus Signature CD player w/DAC… with Aesthetix Atlas monoblocks and, on the analog end, a complete Clearaudio Master Innovation turntable set-up with new Graham Phantom Elite 10″ tonearm… the imaging was fabulous…”