Stereophile’ JVS applauds the new Clearaudio Charisma MM phono cartridge

Applause is due the US premiere of the Clearaudio Charisma phono cartridge ($2000). The cartridge was part of a Clearaudio Performance DC Wood turntable with TT-5 tonearm/swing base ($6500) that was exhibited by Quintessence Audio. Equal applause goes to the new Dynaudio Contour 60 loundspeaker ($10,000/pair) and to the Simaudio Moon 850P preamp ($30,000), 810LP phono preamp ($13,000), 650D CD player/DAC ($9000), 780D streaming DSD DAC ($30,000), and 880M amplifier ($45,000/pair). On Marian Hill’s “Down”, the lovely vocals were enhanced by impressive, well-controlled bass and various effects. On this and other tracks that were playing when I entered the room, the sound was excellent.