“[The DS 002] simply has to be heard to be believed... the DS 002 is a breakthrough - far and away the best cartridge of its type I've heard in my system." - Jonathan Valin, The Absolute Sound USA

“This is clean, yet sweet, precise in imaging and grand in scale. It’s another triumph, for sure.”  Ken Kessler, Hi-Fi News UK


Like the more expensive DS Audio cartridges, the DS 002 cartridge body is machined from aluminum and echoes their distinctive design for best optical performance. The DS 002 features an aluminum cantilever and classic Shibata stylus to accurately reproduce the music recorded on the vinyl record album. The DS 002’s optical screen is placed near the stylus tip, together with a newly developed wire-suspension system to hold the cantilever. 

The new position of the optical screen is a breakthrough in phono cartridge design, providing a much more accurate reading of the groove information and contributing to clearer sound reproduction. The cantilever is more precisely positioned within the newly developed wire-suspension. This highly accurate pivot point for the cantilever increases channel separation for the most accurate stereo image.