Recommended for use with the Musical Surroundings Fozgometer. This test record provides the basic test signals necessary to expertly calibrate your turntable.


Produced by Clark Williams and Barry Wolifson Cut at Sterling Sound on a Neumann VMS-80 cutting lathe with a newly rebuilt SX-74 cutterhead.

Side 1:

1. 1 kHz reference tone 7cm/s lateral in phase (mono) 

2. 1 kHz reference level, left channel only 

3. 1 kHz reference level, right channel only 

4. 1 kHz tone at -20dB below reference level, lateral 

5. 10 kHz reference tone at -20dB, lateral 

6. 1 kHz to 20 kHz sweep at -20dB, lateral 

7. 1 kHz to 20 Hz sweep at 0VU, lateral 

8. 100 Hz reference tone at 0VU, lateral 

9. VTA adjust 

10. Standard Wow & Flutter test signal; 3150 Hz 

Side 2: 

1. Anti-skating test; 315 Hz amplitude sweep to +12dB, lateral 

2. Pink noise lateral 

3. Pink noise vertical 

4. 1 kHz at reference level, vertical 

5. 1 kHz to 10 Hz sweep at -20dB below reference level, vertical 

6. Silent groove for bearing rumble and table isolation