Concept Dark Wood


The entry to high-end analog, the Clearaudio Concept is now available in a Dark Wood version that adds a solid baltic-birch ply plinth with dark stain and the Satisfy Black tonearm. It builds upon the strong features of the Concept:
• Belt-driven POM platter with weighted rim for enhanced flywheel effect
• Isolated 12v DC Motor with electronic speed selection and rear-mounted speed calibration
• Aluminum sub-platter coupled to a polished and sintered steel bearing shaft with bronze bushings and Teflon thrust pad.

Introductory Special Sound Summer Savings for both Concept Dark Wood and Concept Wood. Save up to $900 or 25% on Concept Wood turntable packages including either the Virtuoso Wood v2 Moving Magnet cartridge or Concept Moving Coil cartridge.

Purchase the Concept Dark Wood or Wood with Satisfy Black tonearm witj you’re choice of Virtuoso Wood v2 MM cartridge or Concept MC for only $2,700.

Upgrade to the Satisfy Carbon tonearm for only $300 more.
Special Package Pricing available through September 15, 2019 on both Concept Wood and Dark Wood models.