The TT-2 is a linear tracking tonearm that incorporates innovative designs for superior musical reproduction.


In tonearm design, three various systems are available: pivoted tonearms, unipivot tonearms and linear tonearms. The advantage of a linear system lies in the distortion-free reproduction of the music signal as this exactly depicts what has been “cut” onto the LP when it was mastered.

The arm wand and shafts of the TT-2 are made out of quartz, a material that is harder than glass and scratch resistant.

The TT2 places the stylus at a perfect tangent to the record groove, which guarantees zero tracking error. Additionally, due to the tangential nature of the tonearm, no skating force is generated at playback; therefore, no anti-skating compensation is required.

The 4.38-lb. resonance-optimized chassis is constructed from aluminum and stainless steel. The chassis also contains a polished glass tube, which is where the bearings for the arm carriage run. The short, incredibly rigid tonearm is manufactured from carbon fiber and runs on a patented two-point bearing carriage within the glass tube. The entire arm assembly lifts upwards to allow easy record changing.

Integrated spirit levels and a simple adjustable knob enable fine tuning of the height of the tonearm. Cueing is especially easy.

Additional information


Resonance-optimized chassis, patented two-point tangential tracking


– Strictly mechanical – Selected high precision ball bearings running in a polished glass tube


4.38 lbs


12" x 4" x 3"


5 years