The Clarify builds upon Clearaudio’s friction-free magnetic bearing technology found in their successful Verify CF tonearm.


Similar to the Verify CF, it features a carbon fiber arm tube, which reduces resonance for enhanced clarity.

The Clarify’s precision-machined aluminum headshell features adjustable azimuth. Additionally, the Clarify features fine adjustments for vertical tracking force (VTF) and anti-skate, assuring the most accurate phono cartridge set-up.

The Clarify is hardwired with Clearaudio’s Direct Wire tonearm cable, assuring signal integrity and making it ideal for all high-quality phono cartridges, including low-output moving coils.

The Clarify uses the Clearaudio/Linn standard mount, making it compatible with all Clearaudio turntables and an ideal replacement tonearm for other brand turntables.

Additional information

Tonearm weight

320 gram (410 gram including counterweight)

Zero points

Inner: 66 mm, Outer: 120.9 mm

Audio lead

Clearaudio Direct Wire


17.31 mm

Overall tonearm length

335 mm

Effective tonearm length

239 mm

Pivot to stylus

222 mm

Anti-skating factor at a radius of 62.9 mm and 126.9 mm


Mounting style

Linn / Clearaudio


2 years

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