The Charisma V2 is Clearaudio founder, Peter Suchy’s Moving Magnet masterpiece. The Charisma V2 sets new performance standards for Moving Magnet cartridges including clarity, soundstaging, bass, and dynamics.


The Charisma V2 is Clearaudio founder Peter Suchy’s Moving Magnet masterpiece, setting new performance standards for MM cartridge clarity, soundstaging, bass, and dynamics.

The Charisma V2 is Clearaudio’s flagship Moving Magnet cartridge, using the same Boron cantilever and double-polished Gyger S stylus found in their top-of-the-range Goldfinger Statement MC cartridge. Handmade in their German factory the generator utilizes ultra high-efficiency magnets that are precisely matched, ensuring flat frequency response and excellent channel separation. The Charisma V2 output is a real world 3.6 MV, allowing it to easily drive most phono stages for maximum system compatibility. It is housed in a special Ebony wood body with silver inlay for added mass and resonance control. 

Additional information

Frequency Response

20Hz – 20 kHz

Output Voltage 5cm/sec

3.6 mV

Channel Separation

> 32 dB

Channel Balance

< .2 dB

Tracking Ability

90 µm

Recommended Tracking Force

2.4 g ± .3 g

Coil Impedance

.66 kΩ

Coil Inductance

.42 H

Load Resistance

47 kΩ

Load Capacitance

100 pF



Stylus Shape

Gyger S


9 g ± 1 g


2 years

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