Performance DC reviewed in TAS Buyer’s Guide

The Absolute Sound reviewed the Clearaudio Performance DC setup (includes Clarify tonearm, Virtuoso V2 cartridge) in their 2016 Buyer’s Guide. Reviewer, Dave Berriman’s initial reaction noted the setup sounded “clear, well-focused, crisp, and nicely timed.” Upon further listening with some more bass-driven program material  he said the system had “an amazingly rich and complex tonal quality that was a delight to hear.” In addition, he also tried a Concept MC cartridge in the same setup to hear how it fares to much success. In conclusion, Berriman stated “[The Performance DC is] beautifully made, looks great, and is easy to use. I really liked the clear, open sound and fast-paced bass rhythms served up on its turntable’s platter.”


You can read the entire review here

Clearaudio Performance DC turntable, black aluminum w/ silver trim

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