"It works incredibly well and is the 'end all' for those looking to get rid of LP static charges. It does work continually and without issues. It looks really cool as well!" - Analog Corner comment submitted by Glotz
AUGUST 4, 2020
Hana’s Master cartridge designer Masao Okada-san applies this concept as he combines brilliant materials and classic Japanese techniques with modern audio engineering in creating his HANA-Umami Red MC cartridge.
AUGUST 3, 2020
"... I think it is important to view it in the same context as a new component or cartridge. The impact it has on your analog front end will be much the same. The Vinyl Ionizer ION-001 represents an overall system enhancement for anyone spinning vinyl, one that will make everything from your records to your cartridge sound considerably quieter and more revealing."
JUNE 29, 2020