"The Umami revealed Lead Belly, with microphones on his voice and guitar, facing the audience with a crisp, almost-really-there presence. The sound was so vivid, I imagined I saw musicologist-recordist Alan Lomax standing.."
Every product listed here has been formally reviewed in Stereophile. Everything on the list, regardless of rating, is genuinely recommendable.
With a diamond cantilever, an astonishing 70mV output voltage and a beryllium construction with 50% reduced weight, the completely analog system is the future flagship of the manufacturer.
"At this price point, the DS-E1 is a must audition before you buy anything."
"This may be the best cartridge I’ve ever heard." - Ken Kessler
“Clearaudio has made a fuss-free and superbly built and specified package that makes music in a consistently compelling and entertaining way,”