New Products at AXPONA 2016

We are off and running at AXPONA 2016, and very excited to announce several new products that will come to market over the course of the year. Pictured below is the Musical Surroundings booth at the Manufacturer’s Showcase, listed  by as the #1 thing to do at AXPONA. The Manufacturer’s Showcase features museum-like displays focused on new and innovative products and is open for the duration of the show. If you are at the show you can find Musical Surroundings on the 12th floor in Quintessence Audio rooms O’Hare 1, O’Hare 2, and Ambassador, as well as in Hanson AV rooms 316 and 646

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AXPONA 2016 Manufacturer’s Showcase


NEW! AMG 12JT Turbo tonearm


NEW! DS Audio DS Master1 optical cartridge


NEW! Clearaudio Performance DC Wood turntable


NEW Aesthetix Metis tube line stage


NEW! Musical Surroundings SuperNova III preamplifier