“Everything Mattered” at Music Matters 12

The Clearaudio Master Innovation turntable, part of our system at Music Matters 12

Thursday night’s Music Matters 12 event put on by Definitive Audio in Seattle proved to be a resounding success. Stereophile’s Jason Victor Serinus was on hand to cover the event, where he noted “Without question, the only exhibit whose queue was as long as the room in which our own Michael Fremer conducted LP pressing comparisons was the space that housed the big guns…[a] Clearaudio Master Innovation turntable with Goldfinger Statement cartridge…”

“And the sound itself.” Serinus continued “Oh, the sound. Big, lusciously color saturated, and most definitely impactful. No subwoofer necessary…” “Johnny Hartmann on LP sounded absolutely lovely, thanks in no small part to the Clearaudio Double Matrix Professional Sonic record-cleaning machine that Musical Surroundings’ Garth Leerer touted.” 

You can read JVS’s entire report here.

Not to be outdone, our other room featured an AMG V12 Turbo turntable and a Benz Micro LP-S cartridge as pictured below