Introducing the DS Audio DS 002

The new DS Audio DS 002 optical phono cartridge combines the latest optical cartridge technology with a more budget-friendly price point. Featuring an aluminum cantilever and classic Shibata stylus, the DS 002’s optical screen is positioned closer to the stylus–a breakthrough in phono cartridge design allowing for more accurate reading of the information within the record groove. 






The DS 002 phono stage includes  a robust, updated power supply featuring a special shielding structure to keep out RF and self-noise while delivering outstanding signal-to-noise performance.

With the introduction of the DS 002, DS Audio has realized a complete line of optical phono cartridges and matching phono stages. All DS Audio products can be mixed and matched giving the listener the ultimate in flexibility and a true upgrade path. 


“[The DS 002] simply has to be heard to be believed.” -Jonathan Valin The Absolute Sound

Rated among the top 5 most significant analog introductions at CES 2017 by Julie Mullins of The Absolute Sound