“Inexorably real” Stereophile reviews the Hana EL MC cartridge

Stereophile’s Herb Reichert reviewed the Hana EL moving coil cartridge in the August 2016 edition of the magazine. Herb listened to the Hana through an extensive variety of tonearm and phono stage combinations, and of course a plethora of program material—all to great results.

Herb’s initial reaction to the cartridge was that “the EL’s basic sonic character was highly musical and exceptionally non-mechanical.” He continues “[The Hana EL] demonstrated technicolor mids, liquid (but not overly extended) highs, and a delightful way with plucked double bass.” Additional listening yielded more great results, with Mr. Reichert touting its “easygoing musical magic” and its “inexorably real” sound.

Herb’s conclusion: “I love it.”

You can read the review in its entirety in the current edition of Stereophile

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