Definitive Audio’s Music Matters report from Stereophile

Wilson Audio’s Alexx loudspeaker ($109,000/pair) and Naim Statement combo (which outputs 746Wpc into 8 ohms) were paired with a full dCS Vivaldi digital system ($115,000), Clear Audio Master Innovation turntable with Goldfinger cartridge and Absolute phono stage, HRS RXR stand ($6000) and Transparent Opus cabling ($150,000 total). This system absolutely blew me away. Assembled by a team that included, from left to right in the photo, Quick, Sells, Clearaudio’s Robert Suchy, and Wilson Audio’s Peter McGrath and Bill Peugh, this system revealed subtle shifts in timbre, dynamics, and expressive nuance on some of my prized SACDs that I had never heard on any other system, regardless of price.