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AMG Giro system: “better than anything else at AXPONA”

According to The Absolute Sound‘s Jonathan Valin in his “AXPONA 2016: Loudspeakers 20k and up” show report, the Quintessence Audio/Musical Surroundings O’Hare 2 room had the show’s “best sound.” Further, he states the room sounded “better than anything else at AXPONA.” The system Valin is talking about featured an AMG Giro G9 turntable, AMG 9W2 tonearm, and […]

Aesthetix Atlas Mono Eclipse amplifiers at AXPONA 2016 -Photo: Jason Victor Serinus

AXPONA 2016: “Color, range, slam, beauty”

Stereophile’s Jason Victor Serinus’ stopped by our O’Hare 1 room (Quintessence Audio) on his Sunday rounds at AXPONA. Upon Jason’s arrival, we were playing MA Recordings’ Sera una Noche to which he noted “color, range, slam, beauty: this system has it all.” The system in question featured an AMG Viella V12 turntable/12J2 tonearm, new DS Audio DS […]

Clearaudio Concept turntable

Clearaudio Concept: TAS Editors’ Choice 2016

Clearaudio Concept The Clearaudio Concept turntable package does everything but unbox itself. Preset at the factory, this spinner features a svelte belt-drive chassis, a stunning friction-free, magnetic-bearing Verify tonearm, and the Concept moving-magnet cartridge [also available with Concept moving-coil cartridge]. The build and finish of this German-made ’table are superior. For sheer musical engagement and superb […]


“Super-refined” Clearaudio Concept listed in Pitchfork’s “How to Buy the Best Turntable and Stereo System for Your Record Collection” guide

Seminal new-music publication Pitchfork is currently featuring a guide on, as the title implies “How to Buy the Best Turntable and Stereo System for Your Record Collection.” The guide lists the vastly popular Clearaudio Concept as one of their turntable options. Peter Hahn, owner of New York’s Turntable Lab refers to the Concept as “unique and super-refined.” Read the […]

Fosgate Signature Tube Headphone Amplifier

Fosgate Signature Tube Headphone Amplifier Review: “Classy-looking design with a sound to match.”

UK HiFi publication Hi Fi World reviewed the Fosgate Signature Headphone Amp in their latest issue. Reviewer Jon Myles spent some time with the amp, and was taken both visually and sonically, stating the Fosgate Signature Headphone amp has a “classy-looking design with a sound to match.” Myles concludes “If you enjoy high-quality headphone listening, then […]


New DS Audio review: “Let there be light!”

  The current edition of the new on-line English version of German audiophile publication STEREO features a stellar review of DS Audio’s DS-W1 “Night Rider” optical phono cartridge. Reviewer Matthias Bode lauded the high-tech cartridge stating “[The DS-W1] is set to write a new chapter in the luxury market for phono playback.” According to Bode, the entire STEREO staff was […]