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World Premier RMAF 2015: Aesthetix Atlas Saturn Eclipse Stereo power amplifier

  Aesthetix World Premier at RMAF 2015: The newest version of our 200wpc Hybrid stereo power amp includes the use of new exotic capacitors, Super matched distributed node output devices, improved electrical grounding, and advanced power supply mechanical chassis isolation. The Atlas Eclipse Stereo features the Stealthcap™ capacitor, made with exotic new conductors, dielectric material, […]


The Summer of Cartridges

Now is the perfect time to upgrade or replace your phono cartridge. We are excited to feature a large selection of phono cartridges at every price point currently in stock, including the AMG Teatro, numerous Benz Micro models including the Wood Body, most Clearaudio models, and the DS Audio optical cartridge. Contact your dealer for pricing and […]


AMG Moving and Expanding

In order to meet a significantly increased demand, and  with the success of the Giro turntable, AMG is in the process of moving their factory to a much larger facility. This is great news for AMG fans as the move will allow for increased production capacity, and expanded R and D among other things. The […]