AXPONA 2017: Our Biggest AXPONA Yet

AXPONA 2017 begins on Friday, April 21st and is going to be our biggest AXPONA show to date.

This year marks:

• Our 4th year designing the official AXPONA show guide cover.
• Our 4th year partnering with Quintessence Audio  with 3 exhibit rooms on the 12th floor (O’Hare 1, O’Hare 2, and Ambassador).
Clearaudio and Hana products will be featured with 3 more exhibitors.
• A full-page ad in The Absolute Sound (pictured), echoing the official AXPONA show guide cover.

Featured products at AXPONA 2017 include:

AMG V12 Turbo turntable
AMG Giro G9 turntable
AMG Teatro cartridge
Benz Micro LP S cartridge
Clearaudio Innovation turntable with Universal tonearm
Clearaudio Olympus stand
Clearaudio Performance DC Wood turntable
Clearaudio TT-5 tonearm with Swing Base
Clearaudio Double Matrix Professional Sonic record cleaning machine
• Clearaudio Charisma cartridge – US Debut!
Clearaudio Titanium cartridge
DS Audio DS Master1 optical cartridge system
DS Audio DS 002 optical cartridge system