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Harlry Active Concept

CES 2018 Show Reports

Musical Surroundings exhibited at the Venetian in suite 29-235. Please click on the links below to enjoy the many positive show reports.

DS ST-50

DS Audio ST-50

Introducing the new DS Audio ST-50 stylus cleaner $80.00 The ST-50 stylus cleaner features a special Urethane resin cleaning gel inside a machined aluminum enclosure. Read Michael Fremer’s article from Analog Planet here:

Groove Cleaner Brush High Rez

Stasis Groove Cleaner – $29.95

  Introducing the new Groove Cleaner record brush from Stasis, featuring ultra-fine nylon bristles. High density bristle clusters and a high bristle count per brush provides strong yet gentle scrubbing power that wicks away contaminants.Stasis Groove Cleaner – $29.95 Specially designed for both dry and wet cleaning, the 0.05mm ultra-fine bristles go deep into the […]

RMAF Clearaudio display

Clearaudio Display RMAF 2017

  Turntable 1    Concept Black with Concept tonearm Turntable 2    Concept Wood with Satisfy Black tonearm Turntable 3  Performance DC with Satisfy Carbon Fiber tonearm Turntable 4  Performance DC Wood with TT-5 Swing Base linear tonearm Turntable 5  Ovation black lacquer with Magnify tonearm Turntable 6  Innovation Basic with Universal 9” VTA Black […]

RMAF room

Part Time Audiophile at RMAF

The Neoliths, though, did more than just bring Ella and Johnny into the room. The piano on the demo tracks, especially, sounded as authentic as I’ve heard. In addition, MartinLogan seems to have made the right choices with the bass unit. The Neoliths, I believe, do the best job of any ML transducer yet in […]

Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 12.15.09 AM

Visit us in Crestone Peak room at RMAF

Musical Surroundings and Martin-Logan will be exhibiting together at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest October 6-8, 2017 in Denver. Visit the Crestone Peak room on the Mezzanine Level. Musical Surroundings will be using the MartinLogan Neolith ($79,995/pair) to demonstrate three of their turntable systems at various price points.    The first features the Clearaudio Master […]


Clearaudio Charisma

The Charisma V2 is Clearaudio founder Peter Suchy’s Moving Magnet masterpiece, setting new performance standards for MM cartridge clarity, soundstaging, bass, and dynamics. The Charisma V2 is Clearaudio’s flagship Moving Magnet cartridge, using the same Boron cantilever and double-polished Gyger S stylus found in their top-of-the-range Goldfinger Statement MC cartridge. Handmade in their German factory the generator […]


LA Audio Show, June 2-4

AMG celebrates 5th Anniversary at Los Angeles Audio Show. Visit AMG exhibit room Santa Barbara on 3rd Floor. Garth Leere and Allan Moulton of Musical Surroundings will be at LAAS.   AMG exhibits with Audio Element of Pasadena Santa Barbara System.