Aesthetix Saturn Atlas ECLIPSE Mono


The Aesthetix Saturn Atlas ECLIPSE is the next evolution of the industry standard Saturn Series of components. Like all ECLIPSE components, the Atlas undergoes a multi-phase upgrade procedure which includes, new, exotic StealthCap™ capacitors which are tailored exclusively for the ECLIPSE edition. Using radical new Stealth Technology™, these capacitors are constructed with exotic new conductors, dielectrics, and composite resins to dramatically reduce internal reflections. Next, audio signal path and output stages are upgraded. The Atlas power amps feature super-matched output devices, lowering output stage distortion components by as much as 40dB, while distributed node film capacitors are added at each output device, further reducing impedance for increased current capacity and improved transient response. Casework changes improve heat dissipation and ventilation, increasing articulation, longevity, and reliability. Lastly, sophisticated electrical signal grounding in the power supply is added. And with the transformers no longer mechanically grounded to the chassis due to their isolation mounts, a single-point ground system is now used to ground the transformer cases, significantly reducing ground-induced noise. All versions of the Saturn series components are factory-upgradeable to ECLIPSE.

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Aesthetix Saturn Atlas ECLIPSE mono amplifier