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Benz Micro

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The Clearaudio Goldfinger Statement MC cartridge being played at Music Matters 12

AMG, Benz, Clearaudio featured in Music Matters 12 Vignette

Were you unable to attend Music Matters 12 at Definitive Audio in Seattle a couple weeks back? No worries, as Stereophile’s Jana Dagdagan has compiled a 60-second vignette title “1 Minute Audiophile Escape” which highlights the best of the best at this year’s event including the AMG V12 Turntable, Benz Micro LP-S cartridge, and Clearaudio […]


AMG V12 Turbo and Benz Micro LP-S used to compare pressings at Music Matters 12

Analog Planet’s Michael Fremer used the AMG V12 Turbo turntable and Benz Micro LP-S cartridge for his  pressing comparison demos at last week’s Music Matters 12 event at Definitive Audio. Fremer’s presentation was focused on the sonic differences across various pressings of Nina Simone’s debut album, Little Girl Blue. The three pressing examples included the 1958 original; a Pure […]

Benz Micro Ebony

Benz Micro Re-Introduces Wood S and Ebony Cartridges

Benz Micro Switzerland has announced the re-introduction of some of their most their classic cartridges from the Wood S and Ebony lines. Benz Micro is now offering the Wood S in Low .4mV (Wood SL), Medium .9mV (Wood SM) and High Output 2.5mV (Wood SH) versions, as well as a very limited run of the Ebony in […]



A Benz Micro classic, the Ebony H and Ebony TR cartridges have been re-introduced for a very limited production run. The Ebony body, cross-coil models include the Ebony H and Ebony TR, both featuring Micro Ridge or MR stylus.



A re-introduction of a Benz Micro classic, the Wood S models use the MR or Micro Ridge stylus and are available in Low .4mV (Wood SL), Medium .9mV (Wood SM) and High Output 2.5mV (Wood SH) versions. These models feature the 4th generation of cross-coil-generator based cartridges originally introduced in the early 1990s as the […]

Benz Micro Reviews

Benz Micro ACE S: The Absolute Sound Editors Choice Awards, 2013: “… wide-open midrange, plenty of definition and air around instruments and voices, and tight, clean bass.” Stereophile (ACE SL), 2012: “… the ACE SL’s tracing and tracking were impressive by any standard… it produced solid images within a wide soundstage, offered an astonishing amount […]

Benz Micro PP-1 phono stage


Winner of The Absolute Sound’s Golden Ear Award 2000 for Best Component

Benz Micro Gold and Silver


The entry models to the Benz Micro line provide the musicality we are famous for combined with affordability and a wide range of turntable/tonearm compatibility. The Gold is a low output moving coil at .4mV at 3.54cm/sec, perfectly suited for moving coil phono stages with 60dB or higher gain. The Silver high output (2.5mV at 3.54cm/sec) is ideal for […]

Benz Micro ACE SM


“The next best thing to the very best sound reproduction.” – Stereophile, Recommened Component 2009 – 2010, Class B “The Benz-Micro ACE SL is easy to recommend” – Michael Fremer