The Absolute Sound’s 2017 Editors’ Choice Awards

The March issue of the The Absolute Sound features their annual Editors’ Choice Awards, which vaunts more than a few Musical Surroundings’ products including:

The AMG Giro turntable “The Giro G9 is a less pricey machine [than the Viella V12] boasting much of the same technology and outstanding build-quality of the Viella for roughly 2/3 of the price. [The Giro] should cause much excitement for vinyl loving music lovers.” – Wayne Garcia, The Absolute Sound

The Hana E & S Series MC cartridges “The specifications and measured performances are superb, particularly for cartridges of this price. The Hana EL and EH get a solid recommendation for their $475 price point. The SH gets an easy recommendation for the sub-$999 category and quite possibly beyond. The Hana SL however, is the gem of the lineup and can easily fit in any ‘table/’arm combination that will accommodate a 0.5mV output.”
Andre Jennings, The Absolute Sound

Check out our comprehensive list of award-winning products below:

Giro G9 turntable, 9W2 tonearm
Viella V12 turntable, 12J2 tonearm

Benz Micro
Gullwing SLR

Concept turntable w/ Verify tonearm, Concept MM cartridge
Ovation turntable, Clarify tonearm
Innovation Wood turntable
Maestro V2 Ebony MM cartridge 
Talismann V2 Gold MC cartridge 
Concerto V2 MC cartridge 
Stradivari V2 MC cartridge
Goldfinger Statement MC cartridge
Double Matrix Professional Sonic record cleaning machine
Speed Strobe Test LP

E Series MC cartridges
S Series MC cartridges

Musical Surroundings
Phonomena II+ phono stage
Nova II phono stage
Fozgometer azimuth range meter